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Handmade Fabric Pumpkin, Seasonal Home Decor

Handmade Fabric Pumpkin, Seasonal Home Decor

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Fabric Pumpkins

These cute fabric pumpkins make a perfect accessory for your home or for a gift.

The measurements are as follows:-
Small - 9cm width x 6cm high
Medium - 12cm width x 8cm high
Large - 16cm width x 9cm high

Set of 3 Grey Mini Pumpkins - sizes ranging from 8cm width x 6.5cm high to 4.5cm width x 4cm high


Set of 4 selection of Mini Pumpkins sizes as above.

Individual pumpkins are available in a selection of colours.

Each one is hand made with a either jute, or a croquet stalk (see pictures) all ready to be posted.

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